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​​CLARINET AUDIO DESIGN as a high-end audio manufacturer specialise in designing and producing handmade vacuum-tube audio amplifiers and devices to listen to music at home.

The company (as VADECO Ltd.) was founded in 1991 by an electric engineering team for the development of electronic measuring instruments, as well as scientific research and engineering consultancy. After a long detour the clarinet™ brand was born in 2007, and this new line of development for today's production began. As a result of hundreds of hours of planning, execution, measurement, analysis and listening with musicians, we have come to the final version of our current products. Music - to play music and to listen to music - is a very important part of our lives, so our benchmark is live music produced by acoustic instruments and the human voice.

Our devices are not mass-manufactured items. They are handmade, individual pieces.​​

Currently we offer one SE stereo, two different PSE mono power amplifiers along with one line and one phono preamplifier and interconnect cable.


The main function of an audio amplifier is to amplify musical signals - nothing else. That is to say: a "good" amplifier doesn't add anything of its "own" (coloration, highlighting) to the amplified audio signal but shows everything that the recorded music material contains - pure music, art, personality of the performer, ambience, strong sense of presence - in such a way that it conveys feelings and emotions.  

Our main aim has always been to build audio devices that can comply with the above expectations. 


Every part and material add their own sonic identity to the audio signal, so you always hear the actual material that was used.

When planning the circuits that provide unusually large bandwidth, serious consideration was given to achieving spatial mapping, implementation of resolution and dynamics of the micro details, to provide a feeling of strong presence and proper acoustic positioning. To achieve this, only the best materials are suitable to be used with each other in synergy.


Therefore wherever possible we use a special silver alloy to ensure a clear and rich sound that returns the emotional charge and atmosphere of the musical material.


Due to the limited availability of parts suppliers, several components have required bespoke handcrafting by us: original silver leads resistors and output transformers used in way of the signal, ensure a permeability which does not take away anything or add anything to the recordings.

Abstract Background

Throughout the development phase the main aim was to retain a lifelike sound reproduction, to return the emotional charge and atmosphere of the recording. Our test evaluations of the acoustic instruments sound reproduction were made with the involvement of the  musicians from the recordings.


Due to the handmade manufacturing method we produce a limited quantity of the CLARINET's devices a year.

Ákos A. Vörös

Owner / Founder

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