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Clarinet Audio design  45 PSE Monaural Power Amplifier

The Clarinet's M45 mono power amplifier is designed with a Pure Class-A Parallel Single-Ended operation of the type 45 power tube.  The input section is built with 12AY7/6072, and the driver's stage is with E182CC.​

The device is fully hardwired - signal and PSU section - with a special silver-wire and has silver capacitors, in-house constructed silver lead out wired resistors, in-house made transformers.​ The input and output connectors are of the highest-grade pure silver. The case of the device is made of aluminium alloy.

Clarinet's M45 monaural power amplifier doesn't contain overall negative feedback.


Power output:   7.5 W

Power bandwidth

8 Hz - 55 kHz @ 7.5 W, +0/-3 dB


Gain:  12 dB


Noise:  Less than 1 mV

Input impedance:  100 kΩ

Inputs:  1 x RCA (unbalanced)

Output impedance:  8 Ohm

Vacuum tubes: 

1 x 12AY7 / 6072

1 x E182CC

2 x 45


Power consumption:  75 W




320 W x 270 H x 470 D (mm)


Weight:  19 kg

Clarinet Audio Design  • "M" Series Amplifier

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